Modularizing Android Apps, with Joe Birch [Droidkast LIVE 03]

Joe Birch was our guest on the last episode!

He’s an Android Lead at Buffer, Google Developer Expert for Android, Google Play and Flutter, instructor at and Public speaker. He’s also a volunteer for Sea Shepherd UK! So we talked about all that during the interview

His talk was about modularizing Android Apps: what they are, their benefits, how to modularize features and the possible issues we may find.

1. The video

You can watch the full episode here:

2. The interview: Main questions

  1. Tell us a little about your story. Where are you from, how was your childhood, and what led you to start in software development?
  2. How was your career progression to what it is today?
  3. How do you manage to find time to do all the things you do? 56 blog posts, 12 talks, 8 OS projects, GDE, work on renovating your new house… Do you ever sleep?
  4. Of all the things you spend your time on, what’s the one you enjoy the most?
  5. I know that you have a very special connection with animals: you’re vegan, you are a volunteer in a sanctuary, for Sea Shepherds… This is quite far from what I see in my day to day sadly. Where did all this need to help other living beings come from?
  6. What’s the kind of work you do with them?
  7. When you think about your long-term future, how do you see it? Do you think you’ll continue in software development for the rest of your career?
  8. If you had to recommend just one thing to our listeners, about anything, IT related or not, what would be?

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