Why Kotlin for Android online course is different from any other

You may probably know that this days I’m publishing my first online course in English, Kotlin for Android Developers, based on all the knowledge I’ve gotten from writing my book and the live workshop I teach here in Spain.

In the course, you will learn Kotlin from scratch applied to Android development, in a very easy and practical way. You won’t waste time learning hard theoretical concepts. Any new concept that is explained, is supported by an exercise that you will need to solve before continuing the course.

You can learn Kotlin right now from scratch!

But I can’t deny that there are already some other courses about the same topic around, and wanted to share with you what this one is different from everything you can find out there.

Kotlin for Android Developers – the online course

To understand why it’s different, I need to tell you its origins. So here you have some interesting points about me and the course:

  1. I started learning Kotlin at the beginning of 2015. I loved it so much that decided to write a book about it.
  2. My book “Kotlin for Android Developers” (which you’ll get with this course) has reached to more than 3000 readers.
  3. JetBrains always recommended it as a great read to learn Kotlin applied to Android (they even reviewed it and sent feedback, thanks for that!), and when the support was announced by Google, the Android resources also recommended it. Stephanie Saad (the Android Product Manager at Google, who did the Kotlin announcement) stopped me at the Google I/O to tell me she read my book when she started learning Kotlin. That was a pretty unbelievable moment 😱
  4. Based on the book, I created a live 10-hour workshop where people go from zero to Kotlin in a single day! It’s pretty amazing how the mindset of a developer can be changed in a few hours if the content is focused to it. More than 100 people have attended the live workshop, and several companies have asked me to do it on their offices.
  5. There were so many people that wanted to attend the course that I decided to convert it to an online course, so that anyone around the world can do it. I published it in Spanish 2 months ago, and more than 100 people are already subscribed and enjoying it.

Why this course is different

So why do I think this course is different from any others you may find? I want to tell you some of the points that make it so special:

  1. The process of giving birth to this course has taken 2 years and half, since I started writing the book. All the knowledge, mistakes, feedback from the book, the live workshops… has derived into the methodology I use here.
  2. I’m not selling you this course based on the number of hours. It really makes no sense having a Kotlin course of 200 hours. I help people to create a sample App in 10 hours in live courses, and that’s what I want for you too. Time is the most precious resource, don’t waste it on huge courses full of unnecessary content.
  3. I really care about students, and that’s why I have the private Slack group for the course. I love having distended conversations with you, and that you feel free to ask me anything that you need, even if it’s not strictly related to the content.
  4. I have total freedom to do it how I feel it’s best. As this course is self-published, I don’t need to stick to a pre-established script, reach to a specific release date or stick to any other kind of weird rules. That leaves me the freedom I need to create the content I want, and also redo, update, change the learning method… All to meet your needs, not the publisher needs.
  5. The course will be alive. If you know about the book already, you may also know that I keep updating it after 2 years from its release. And I’ll do the same with the course. If you’re missing some content, I’ll create extra videos to cover it. I don’t think there are many courses out there that do that.
  6. It’s extremely practical. Most courses just incite you to see how the teacher is writing on their computer. But I’ve never learned much from this way of teaching. In this one, for each concept you learn I challenge you to solve a new part of the App. Only when you’ve tried, I show you my solution, which can differ from yours. Then we can have a debate in the Slack group to see the pros and cons of each solution. That’s how concepts are settled!
  7. It includes a certificate of completion. Well, this probably is given by other course too, but thought you would like to know 😄
  8. It’s fun. One of the most important goals for any course should be making it fun. Otherwise you lose the interest of the student very soon. You’ll enjoy writing this small App, and seeing Kotlin in action from the first minute.

Want to join?

I’m so glad that you’re considering joining the family! If you want to start now, then you can do it following the next link.


6 thoughts on “Why Kotlin for Android online course is different from any other”

  1. Course fully recommended, simple to follow and very practical, a good complement to the book published by Antonio 🙂 Now after the change to Kotlin, if I have to touch a project in Java “it hurts” enough because with Kotlin everything is easier . The change is worth it and with this course you will have it easier!
    Curso totalmente recomendado, sencillo de seguir y muy práctico, un buen complemento junto con el libro publicado por Antonio 🙂 Ahora después del cambio a Kotlin, si tengo que tocar algún proyecto en Java “me duele” bastante porque con Kotlin todo es más sencillo. ¡El cambio merece la pena y con este curso lo tendréis más sencillo!

    1. Thanks so much for your words Anartz! You’ve been the perfect student 🙂 . You involved a lot in the course and your learning, asked all your doubts… I hope you have enjoyed it.

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