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Kotlin is the the way to go for App development in Android

If you are an Android developer, you are passionate about your profession and you like to stay abreast of new developments in the sector, you may have heard about Kotlin.
  • The language created by Jetbrains is powerful, simple and versatile.
  • It adapts perfectly to Android development.
  • It allows you to avoid many of the obstacles that you will find in Java, thanks to the application of new concepts such as functional programming, lambdas or data classes.
Using Kotlin translates into saving time in your daily work, in new possibilities to unleash your creativity, and in helping you be at the forefront in the field of application development.

1 out of 4 Apps in the Play Store today already use Kotlin for Android development. They have discovered its power and have started investing in training for their employees.

This means that the demand for Kotlin developers is imminent, and the number of jobs that require Kotlin is growing exponentially.

Info taken from KotlinConf Keynote 2018 and Kotlin blog

Hi, I’m Antonio Leiva

I’m Android Engineer. Since I discovered Kotlin in 2015, I’ve devoted a lot of time taking the most from Kotlin and applying it to Android development.

Now, I help other developers to become experts in Kotlin for Android through different training modalities.

My goal is to show you how to use Kotlin in an Android environment in record time so that you can improve your productivity, overcome the limitations imposed by Java and stand out as a developer by applying a modern, simple and functional code.

If you have developed Android applications with Java it’s possible that:

  • You have found yourself in situations that block you and make you spend too much time to find a solution that is easier with Kotlin.
  • You’ve felt frustrated discovering that 90% of your application errors are NullPointerExceptions.
  • Or you have seen yourself writing repetitive lines of code that consume your time. I can imagine those hundreds of getters and setters in your data classes.
  • In short, you have felt that your creativity has been limited by the limitations of the language itself.

Kotlin is a modern, powerful and safe language that will allow you to overcome these obstacles in the quickest and easiest way you can imagine.

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