Learn Kotlin while developing an Android App

More than 10 hours of videos and exercises where you will master Kotlin for Android

The online Training certified by JetBrains to learn Kotlin for Android. Finish the TRAINING and get a certificate of completion.

Based on the book that both Google and Jetbrains recommend to learn Kotlin applied to Android development.

If at any time you have tried to investigate on your own, then you are aware of the amount of time we sometimes spend to find the solution we are looking for.

Thanks to this training, you’ll skip that intermediate step and start enjoying the language and get the most out of it from your first line of code.

With Kotlin for Android Developers you’ll learn:

  • How to create an Android app from scratch using Kotlin. All the basics you need to create an app.
  • How  apply the language to Android. Exclusive features for Android and interaction with the framework.
  • How to use the development tools, integrate Kotlin into Android Studio and use it in your projects.
  • Through examples and writing code, everything is 100% practical.


But wait! Because there’s more. With this training, you’ll get some great extras:

  • Lifetime updates (valued at 197€)
  • Access to the Java Interoperability module (valued at € 97)
  • Access to a Coroutines crash course (valued at € 147)
  • Access to a private support group in Slack to resolve all your questions about the training (valued at 297€ / year)
  • Find a better job! Enter my job exchange and opt for new opportunities that would otherwise impossible to get (valued at 297€ / year)
  • You can access the course both online and offline, synchronized from your mobile phone.
All for free with the online training!

Certificate of completion

With the end of the training, you will get a digital certificate of completion that you can use on your cv and Linked.

Show to the world that you learned Kotlin with a certified training!


My name is Antonio Leiva, I’m an Android Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Kotlin.  Curiosity for discovering new concepts, and applying them to my daily work, led me to start studying Kotlin in Android before its final version was released. I help other developers become experts in Kotlin for Android through different training modalities. In this online course, Kotlin for Android Developers, I share and explain all the language concepts you need to create an app with Kotlin from scratch.

The course was really great, I like the idea to work in a specific project and then learn about kotlin during the development.

The time of each video was perfect as well and split it into different topics so you can go back and review a specific one if you want.

I really recommend Antonio’s course.

Hector Torres

Sr. Software Engineer, Disney

Antonio’s Kotlin for Android Developers course provides a good foundation for understanding many of the key fundamentals needed to start using Kotlin.

The lesson videos are just the right size to fit into a busy schedule and Antonio is quick and responsive when you have questions or comments!


Designer & Developer , Freelance

This training is for you if…

  • You are an Android developer and already have some basic knowledge of the framework.
  • At some point you have suffered the limitations of Java and you need to apply modern programming concepts to your daily work.
  • You feel the constant need to keep improving to qualify for new career opportunities.
  • You want to learn in a practical and guided way, without losing your time doing trial and error tests.

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What’s in the training?

Want to know more? Here’s a detail of the content of the online training



In this first module, I’ll introduce the content, how it’ll work, and a first introduction about Kotlin.

You’ll also create your first Android project using Kotlin from scratch.



Every language has a basis that you need to master before going deeper.

You’ll do here a small review about all these concepts, and the difference they have when compared to Java. This will be the start of great journey into Kotlin!



The ABC of object oriented programming.

You’ll see everything related to these concepts, and how they’ll help us save a lot of code and be more productive.



Extension functions are one of the great wonders of Kotlin.  How about adding extra functions to classes that you don’t have access to the code for? Well with extensions you can.



There are many features in Kotlin that seem almost magic when we come from Java. In this module you’ll discover some of them. We’ll talk about extension functions, flow control (and the awesome when), Kotlin Android Extensions and Enums.



You may know about them if you use Java 8, but lambdas in Kotlin are really important. From simple features as simple as a callback, to other more complex ones such as DSLs creation, lambdas will be in your every day from now on.



We keep making our sample App awesome, and now we’ll give some content to the RecyclerView we added some modules ago.  In order to do this, we’ll learn concepts like property delegation, Kotlin collections, ranges and objects.



The Android team has worked very hard to give us tools that harness the full power of language. I will show you all the advantages of Android-KTX and how to use coroutines applied to the Android framework.



We already have our main Activity working, but it’ll be great to implement a more complete App, right?  Well in this module we’ll get into it, and by the way you’ll learn about nullity and sealed classes.



With Kotlin you can keep working with the same tools that were using until now in Java, but taking the most out of the language. With the extra bonus Java interoperability find out how all the new Kotlin features fit together when used from Java. What can be used, what not, how to configure it and adapt the experience from Java … Everything you need to use both languages at the same time.  Also, I’ll show you a simple example about how to test your Apps by using the same tools you were using until now (JUnit and Mockito), and how you can apply patterns like MVP, MVVM and dependency injection with Koin. We will not cover them in depth, but if you already know them, it will be easier for you to make the transition to Kotlin. And if you are interested in learning them, you can acquire an extra module of more than 2 hours of content where I explain all this step by step.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the format of the training?
This is an online training that you can follow at your own pace. When you have any questions, you’ll be able to contact me through the private Slack group.

How long will I be able to access the training?

What about forever? After joining, you’ll have unlimited access when you want throughout all your devices, and will get all future updates.

What's the language of the training

All the content is in English (with my amazing English accent 😝 ). But if you prefer Spanish, you can find it here.

And what if I'm not happy with the training?
If you don’t feel happy with the course, contact me in the first 30 days and you’ll receive a refund. I want 100% happy students 🙂

Total satisfaction guarantee

I don’t want you to be left with the doubt if this training is for you, so if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

I’ll refund 100% of the amount without asking any more questions.

This way you can evaluate if this course is for you.

Get full access to the course right now!

Certificate of completion

With the end of the training, you’ll get a digital certificate of completion that you can use on your CV and LinkedIn.

Show to the world that you learned Kotlin with a certified training!

If you’re already an Android developer in Java and you’re thinking about to learn Kotlin, this is your training!

María Senosiain

Android Developer, Yoti Ltd

The course fully met my expectations. The app that is developed in the course allows to focus solely and exclusively on Kotlin features. You will not waste time doing layouts or incorporating libraries that wouldn’t add any value.

Despite my knowledge of Kotlin, I had no problem in following the pace marked by the course.

I totally recommend this course if you are tired of the limitations of java.

Joaquim Puyo

Android Developer, Atos Worldline