One-to-one mentoring: Kotlin for Android developers

A tailor-made action plan to create and launch an app.

Become an expert developing Android apps with Kotlin and take a big step forward in your professional career.

Excel in the Android world with a plan to gain visibility.

Can you imagine the professional life that you would like to achieve? It may be working as a developer in a large company or it may be as a respected freelancer. In both cases, it is very likely that you meet one of these requirements:

  • The value of your work is recognized not only economically but also professionally.
  • You have freedom to create and you can exploit your potential as a developer.
  • You update your knowledge day after day are up to date on the developments of the sector.
  • Your working time is productive and you enjoy your work, but you also have free time to dedicate to your family, your hobbies or whatever you want to do.
The mentoring program is the action plan that can bring you closer to your goals. Because it will help you to differentiate yourself from other developers by becoming an expert in Kotlin, a language that so far only a few control, which will give visibility to your talent.

It is a 1-to-1 service designed to reach the professional objectives of each person who participate in it. It is an action plan made for you according to your needs and the goal you want to achieve.

What’s the work methodology?

Through this program, we will work on the two competencies necessary to become a reference developer specialized in Kotlin:
  • We’ll develop a quality Android app using Kotlin as the main language.
  • We’ll create and position your personal brand as a developer.
We will delve into the necessary aspects in each case to achieve your goals.

What will you get with mentoring?

  • You will have a step-by-step action plan to create and launch a professional Android App developed with Kotlin as the main language.

  • You’ll learn to apply concepts of software craftsmanship to the Android world, such as clean architectures, SOLID or dependency injection.
  • You’ll master the development of Android applications with Kotlin.
  • You’ll publish your App as an open source App to promote your work as a developer.
  • You’ll define your personal brand.
  • You will discover how to position your brand through the creation of a blog focused on achieving your professional goals.
The individual mentoring service is exclusively for developers who want to work in a company that values their work, or as freelancers, with the freedom to exploit their creativity and with the economic income they deserve.

It’s only for developers who are willing to work to get the most out of the program.

I’m Antonio Leiva. I’m an Android Engineer.

I’ve been working as a developer for nine years and more than five focused on getting the professional life I want. I’ve gone from working in a consulting company, where I was frustrated, to work at home for an international company. I understand and know the process of self-discovery that must be followed to achieve professional goals because I’ve come through it myself.

I used to combine my work as a developer with my other passions: specialized training in Kotlin for Android, and blogging. I didn’t learn everything on my own, but invested a lot in the best experts to show me how they reached the place I wanted to be.

In the mentoring service, I combine these two fields: development of quality apps and positioning as an expert. Because being good at your job is not enough. To stand out as a professional, you also have to be visible. In addition to teaching you how to master the language and use it to develop Android Apps, I will help you create the roadmap that will bring you closer to the professional life you dream about.

We’ll work side by side for six months

  • We’ll work in twelve sessions. One-hour session every 2 weeks via Skype.
  • The first step is to analyze your initial situation in the two fields that make up the program:
    • App Development: We’ll do an initial evaluation of your knowledge regarding software development and App development. We’ll determine the concepts we need to go deeper and we’ll start from what you already know to continue moving forward.
    • Personal brand: We’ll do a study to know your situation in terms of visibility and positioning within the sector. From there, we’ll design an action plan focused on achieving your professional goals.
  • In these meetings we’ll agree on the objectives. We’ll plan bi-weekly goals and actions you need to carry out to achieve them. We’ll review the progress and resolve any issues.
  • Throughout the mentoring period, you’ll have priority support by email. We will be in touch to resolve any questions you may have while taking action.
  • At the end of the program, you will have an action plan so that you can continue working on your own to achieve your professional goals.

This is what people say about me:

Having Antonio’s experience as a mentor has been a success since it’s brought me great benefits in order to progress as a software developer.

I’ve been able to improve and increase my knowledge on Android and programming the way I needed, and in much less time than it’d have cost me by myself.

The sessions have been very productive. Developing an App with his advice is really useful to put into practice what I learned, and his advice regarding my blog was very useful.

It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s been worth it!

Kilian Cerdán

Android Developer, Mobile One2One

I’ve known Antonio for a few years now,  and I can not think of a better person to help others improve their professional careers.

He is able to get great things in a simple and clear way, he is a very responsible person and committed to his work so that he augurs a brilliant professional career to whoever gets in his hands.

Jesús Manzano

Android Engineer, Plex

I was fortunate to meet Antonio in person a few months ago and he only confirmed the idea I had about him: he is an admirable person and at the same time very close. A crack!

I’ve been following him for years, both attending his lectures and reading his blogs, and since I learned of this mentoring, I thought it was a very great and innovative idea. This ability to transmit know-how and techniques of personal development through a service like this could only be carried out by Antonio.

Pablo López

CTO and cofounder, WePlan

How much will I have to invest to be an expert on Kotlin?


If you are convinced and willing to give a twist to your professional life:

Answer the questions on the pre-registration form. Based on your answers I’ll know if you are ready for me to help you with this service. I will answer and inform you about the availability of individual mentoring to succeed as a developer.

 This service is for you if:

    • You already have basic knowledge of Android development.
    • You have an idea of the App you want to create but you need help to do something awesome.
    • You’re commited to Android development and want to do it for a living.
    • You are willing to work hard to turn your passion into your profession.
    • You commit to getting out of your comfort zone to explore a world of possibilities as a successful developer.
    • You enjoy challenges.

   This service is not for you if:

  • You don’t have basic knowledge of Android development.
  • You don’t have a clear idea of the app you would like to develop.
  • You are not willing to take action to advance your career and excel in the sector.
  • You don’t have the time or you don’t want to devote time to your professional project.
  • It scares you to leave your comfort zone to change a normal but stable job for a freer lifestyle.
  • Challenges give you vertigo.

How much will I have to invest?


An exclusive tailor-made action plan


Individual mentoring is an exclusive service and as it involves a lot of time, dedication and commitment, both from you and from me. That’s why I only work with a highly reduced group of people.


If you are willing to take action to achieve your professional goals:

Fill out the pre-registration form. Your answers will allow me to know your current situation and determine if this is the right time to help you with my service. I will respond and inform you about the availability of individual mentoring to succeed as a developer.