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Learn Architecture Components MVVM from MVP

A practical guide to migrate from MVP to MVVM and learn some useful concepts in the process

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How to convert APIs with callbacks to Kotlin coroutines

I want to use APIs that work asynchronously in coroutines in a synchronous style.

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Introduction to Kotlin multi-platform projects

How to start creating multi-platform projects from scratch, and ways to share code between different platforms.

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Managing synchronization services

How to manage properly synchronization services under MVVM or MVP using corroutines (getting data from rest APIs and updating local database and screens within the app)

How to write muti-module multi-featured application?

Let us assume I would like to build an application where it has a lot of feature wise modules (also contains fragments along with Data , ViewModel, Use Case and Repo) .
Where each feature module has to follow MVVM Clean Architecture with one or few host activity.
The main app contains new navigation framework that introduced recently to stitch together the fragments from each feature modules that can be initiated from the host activities.

Coordinator Layout

A series of articles about this layout and how to master it.

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