If you want to learn on your own, here it is your free course

30 lessons that cover the most important Kotlin topics, to learn at your pace

Free Kotlin for Android course

Discover all the power of the new official Android language

If you really want to learn step by step and guided by example, you may be interested in my two other options:

  • The book: learn Kotlin from scratch by developing an Android App
  • The online course: I’ll show you my method from learning Kotlin in no time, with hours of videos and exercises, in a very practical way. And with a Slack private group to solve all your doubts.

Free Kotlin Android course

This course was written for people that already know about Android and want to start learning Kotlin. With the free Kotlin Android course, you will learn all you need to start writing Android Apps in Kotlin today.

With a set of articles that cover the main topics regarding the language, you will learn in an easy way most of the concepts you need to master the language: